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Inspired by ancient knowledge and time tested wisdom, Path of Beauty Botanicals blend the finest ingredients with care to creating unique herbal formulas

One of the first Herbal Salves created was Awakening Lotus, formulated with Organic Gotu Kola leaf, Organic White Lotus Stamen and Leaf, White Lotus Essential Oil and Clary Sage Oil.

As a young herbalist, Gotu Kola was one of the first plants I worked with seeking preventive measures from family tendencies towards arterial sclerosis(hardening of the arteries), and that is what led to this finding about this plant. First working with it as an herbal oil extract (Brahmi oil) as well as herbal teas and most recently combined with White Flower oil in an Herbal Salve as a personal anti-aging formula to stimulate collagen and elasticin.

The combination of these plants work well together also for meditation and or massage…


Here are some interesting facts and history about the ancient uses of these plants…

White Lotus Flower (Nelumbo nucifera)has a rich and ancient history. It is one of the most important herbs used in eastern traditional medicine and cuisine for centuries.
Lotus flower has title of India’s national flower and is a symbol of purity in hindu and buddhist traditions.

To practitioners of ayurvedic medicine, a 5,000-year-old system of healing that developed in India, the lotus flower has physical healing properties and great spiritual symbolism.

From ancient times the lotus has been a divine symbol
in Asian traditions representing the virtues of enlightenment,
non-attachment and of sexual purity, An example of divine beauty, its unfolding petals suggest the elements of the Earth.

The White Lotus oil prepares one for a meditative state while reinforcing our capacity to connect with our higher self as a part of one’s conscious self developement.

Topically, white Lotus oil has been used for centuries to whiten skin, reducing wrinkles
and greying hair. Studies are now showing it’s ability to stimulate melanin, supporting these ancient uses.

Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica)- Traditionally the people of Sri Lanka have observedthat one of the longest living mammals, the elephants, fed extensively on the plant in the wild. This may have been the initial cause for the use of this plant and its subsequent reputation as a promoterof longevity in people who eat it.

“It is commonly held that the consumption of a few leaves of the gotu kola every day will”strengthen and revitalize worn out bodies and brains.”

Centella oil has active components present in its properties which are exceptionally helpful in the regeneration of tissue and collagen synthesis such as:

~Madecassic acid – aids in the building and formation of collagen and the regeneration of skin tissues.

~Asiatic acid – tightens the skin, brings back its elasticity and makes it feel more comfortable. It prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates the growth of nails and hair.*

Gotu Kola and White Lotus flower combine the ancient beauty traditions of both Asia and India.

Awakening Lotus: Organic Gotu Kola leaf and White Lotus flower essential oil are combined in a base with organic coconut oil, diatomaceous earth and clary sage essential oil. Applying twice daily to assist the skin’s ability to retaining moisture, reduce inflammation, increase circulation and enhance elasticin and collegen production.


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