Path of Beauty Herbal Salve Collection

Path of Beauty Botanicals brings the finest ingredients and care together to create unique herbal salves inspired by ancient knowledge and time tested wisdom.

Our salve collection

Path of Beauty Green Clay Blends

Path of Beauty Botanicals combines the ancient knowledge of clay healing properties and time trusted minerals and plants to create unique hydrotherapy baths, face and body masks.

Our Live Green Clay Collection

Path of Beauty Herbal Essential Oil Perfumes

Path of Beauty Botanicals brings the essences of White and Blue Lotus Flower oil together with certified organic avocado oil, Diatomaceous Earth and Fresh Water Pearl to create a unique and inspiring essential oil Perfume.

Our Essential Oil Perfume Collection

Path of Beauty Body Oils and Green Clay Soaps

Path of Beauty Botanicals has selected a few of our Herbal Salve and Green Clay Blend formulas to create theraputic grade soaps and body oils to cleanse and nourish our skin.

Our Body Oil and Soap Collection




Inspired by ancient knowledge and time tested wisdom, Path of Beauty Botanicals blend the finest ingredients with care to creating unique herbal formulas